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Neu: Neuro-WOD – Fitter Brain, fitter body, better life

Our new Neuro-WOD supports a fitter brain, fitter body and eventually a better life. This class expands the usual CrossFit WOD with neurobiomechanical approaches to involve the controlling system for movement, the human nervous system. It enhances neuroplasticity, which is responsible for all kind of learning processes.  Therefore, it supports quicker and better movement learning, […]


Member werben Member – trainiere mit deinem Freund 1 Monat umsonst!

Member werben Member – Aktion im Oktober Unsere Member werben Member Aktion gilt nur im Monat Oktober. Wenn du in diesem Zeitraum ein neues Member wirbst, welches bei uns einen 1-Jahresvertrag abschließt, schenken wir dir und dem neuen Mitglied einen Monat der Mitgliedschaft! Alle Informationen und Aktionsbedingungen, kannst du hier nachlesen. Member werben Member OKTOBER […]

Bring a Friend this Sunday – come by and join us!

Bring a Friend – one of our favorite sessions. We love to meet your friends and family! Missed tone?! Next date: 27. September 202 at 12:30pm 📍CrossFit069 Have a great week 💙 #training #wod #bringafriend #fitness #fun #sport #health #crossfit #crossfit069 #069 #frankfurt #workout #community #friends #hit