Don’t be afraid of being a beginner!

CrossFit is a training for everybody. Every workout can be tailored to individual needs; this is why beginner and intermediates, men and women, youngsters and elderly can join us.

We do understand that the majority of people feel uncomfortable to try something new for the first time. Especially CrossFit scares many due to its high intensity workouts and the weights being used.

CrossFit changes so many lives positively every day. In a group of like-minded people with a strong sense of community you will learn how to execute movements the correct way in order to avoid injuries in a fun and supportive environment. We trust that this will make you strive to always push a little harder and to move outside our comfort zone.

Our goal is to help every person who steps through our doors and has the willpower and courage to live their life better than yesterday. We are committed to provide every possible support to make that a reality.

Voices from our box.

Die Trainer wissen wirklich was sie tun und sind durchweg super nett! Auch als absolut unsportlicher Anfänger fühlt man sich wohl und sehr gut aufgehoben.

Marina Meieraus Obertshausen

Die beste Box! Per Zufall auf diese Box aufmerksam geworden und nun zu einem festen Bestandteil meines Tages geworden – Hier kann man abschalten und sich einfach auspowern!

Sandra Schneiderüber Facebook