Our Community in Frankfurt

Our community in the heart of Frankfurt is our “special feature”.
Working out within our CrossFit community makes us feel good and encourages us to push ourselves to new limits that we didn’t think were possible. It is something special that we cherish and develop further by welcoming new members and making them feel that they accepted as part of our CrossFit 069 family.

It is about much more than just sport. It is about finding a second home and a place of encouragement and motivation.

What is CrossFit? So much more than just fitness.

CrossFit helps us to become fitter and stronger every day. Not just physically, but also mentally. It makes us strive to always push a little harder and to move outside our comfort zone.

Why CrossFit 069? That’s why.

Our goal is to help every person who steps through our doors and has the willpower and courage to live their life better than yesterday. We are committed to provide every possible support to make that a reality.

On top we offer you the best coaches in the Rheine-Main area and top notch equipment provided by our partner ELEIKO and Rogue spread over +1100 m².

CrossFit is for everybody

Every workout can be tailored to individual needs; this is why beginner and intermediates, men and women, youngsters and elderly can join us.

We do understand that the majority of people feel uncomfortable to try something new for the first time. Especially CrossFit scares many due to its high intensity workouts and the weights being used.

CrossFit changes peoples lives every day.

We have a strong sense of community. We support and motivate each other. This is why we trust that our members get out of their comfort zone and beyond to become better.

For every individual, no matter what fitness level, that steps through our doors and has the courage and willingness to live their life better than yesterday, we are fully committed to helping make that a reality. All you need is a little boldness to try something new!

Start today!

Our mission and vision is to professionally train a positive community of like-minded people who come together to live their best and healthiest lives possible by providing high quality coaching tailored to every level.


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CrossFit 069 Core Values.

Learn more about our core values, which mean more than just words to us. They are the backbone of our box. The common thread that holds everyone together, uniting them with our shared expectations and values.

We treat every single one of our members the way we would like to be treated ourselves. To achieve measurable differences, we have gathered outstanding coaches who advocate for your success.

One Box, one Spirit – our international and unique community sticks together.

Hard work & Dedication!

What are you waiting for?

CrossFit helps us to become fitter and stronger every day. Not just physically but also mentally. CrossFit helps us to get out of our comfort zone and beyond to become better.

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